We believe in living healthier lives and loving our planet, that is why we bring you these natural products - products that will help you with everyday life.

There is some respiratory virus going around here, antibiotics don’t help, and I tell people to take 1 tsp of Essential Silver every hour, and they get well! - K, B.C.

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 Jardine Naturals offers you Essential Silver — silver based products that harness the strength of silver and have been infused with intention for health and healing.
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clear + clean

Clear+Clean - Made from the essence of our planet, Clear+Clean combines pleasant fragrances with the safe disinfecting strength of Ionic Silver in a multi-purpose spray that is both effective & biodegradable.

Diva Divine

Diva Divine Dry Shampoo - Made from all natural ingredients including certified organic essential oils, Diva Divine will leave your hair clean, full of body and smelling fresh.


 Abundance Hair Tonic for Men and Women - For daily use.